Summer 2011 1) First round is 2 weeks long, subsequent rounds are 1 week. You are responsible for contacting and playing your opponent. If the round deadline passes we will award a forfeit win to whichever player has a better excuse or whomever we like better. No more 4 month tournaments! First round ends Monday morning, August 8. Second round ends Monday morning, August 15. Third round ends Monday morning August 22. Championship match played as soon as possible *** You can play matches farther down the bracket if your opponent is already known and you want to play them early *** Most people will play on Fridays, but if you can't play then schedule a time before the Monday deadline. Allowances can be made for vacations and things of that nature, but only if we know ahead of time. No excuses! Make Ayn Rand proud, my objectivist brothers! 2) First map of the match will be be decided by both parties. If you can't agree on a map (or just want to) then you can use the random map generator here: Loser picks next map. 3) All season games are best of 3, final is best of 5 4) Winner is responsible for uploading replays on the bracket page